Unique business card design to stand out to your customers

Basic, rectangular cardboard business cards are boring. #sorrynotsorry! Every time you hand a business card to someone, you have the potential to make a truly great impression. How will you do that? How about letting us design you an ice cream-shaped card that smells like chocolate?

What is a business card?

A business card is a small piece of paper handed out to potential clients to allow them to get in touch with you in the future. It can be a very effective way to brand yourself.

It must also include your business name, your personal name, and your contact details. Contact details to include would be a telephone number, an email address and a website address.

Making your business card stand out

When businesses and entrepreneurs first started printing out business cards, these simple cardboard rectangles were a novelty. Receiving a business card from someone made you see that person as a professional and that business was bound to stand out to you. You were more likely to regard them as being committed to their business.

However, nowadays every business prints business cards. So how can you make your business card stand out and catch the eye of a potential client? The following are just some ideas that can make your business card design more unique:

  • Business card shape: Who said that a business card must be rectangular? Why not change things up by allowing us to design a business card that is shaped like a product you sell?
  • Business card colour: Steer away from the traditional white business card design and allow us to explore colour combinations that suit your business style and branding.
  • Business card smell: Imagine receiving a business card from a bakery that smells like vanilla!

Changing things up even more

There is a global trend of consumers becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and their waste output. This could very well mean that clients are not impressed with a simple business card printed out on cardboard that will inevitably land up in the rubbish bin. To counteract this mindset, here are some ideas in which our designers can make your business cards more environmentally friendly:

  • Don’t print them out at all! We can create a QR code for you. When people scan it off your phone, a digital business card will load onto their device.
  • Print them out on recycled paper
  • Print them out on growing paper (paper containing plant seeds)
Business cards that we designed for a granite company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a business card design cost?

Our business card design services start from R800 per design. At Swerve Designs, we aim to provide you with both good-quality and affordable designs, so we would love to chat to you to discuss your needs and see how we can accommodate those needs according to your budget.

Do you have any examples of business cards that one of your designers created recently?

Yes, you can click here to view flyer and brochure examples of designs we have created for previous customers.

How much does it cost to print business cards?

The cost of printing a set of business cards depends on the size of the cards and the number of cards required. The material and colors of the card will also affect the cost, as will any additional features such as adding a scent. We do not print flyers ourselves, but we can redirect you to an excellent printer that can provide that service to you.

I want to print out the unique business cards that you have designed for me, but I am worried that they will end up at the back of my office drawer. How can I make sure that my business card reach potential clients?

Be proactive. Give your business card to everyone you know. Then give a pile to your friends and family to hand out for you. Whenever someone mentions needing a product or service you provide, they can give them your business card.


Also, keep a stack of your cards in your handbag or wallet. Every time you meet someone new, hand over a card. With the unique business card, we can design for you, you will leave an impression over and over again.

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