360 Photography: Photography At The Next Level

360 photography involves using a 360 degree camera to shoot images of an area all around the camera. For example, if you place the camera into the middle of a football stadium and record, it will take a photograph of the entire stadium.

360 Images can best be used to showcase businesses, guest houses, schools, function venues, properties or any space in a way that immerses the viewer into that space. The viewer can have a first-hand view and a 360-degree view of the space in question.

360 Photography In A Nutshell

At Swerve Designs, we take photography to the next level by providing you with 360-degree images.


What does this mean? Basically, you are able to scroll over a 360-degree image and view the scenario that was photographed from all sides of a specific vantage point.


This is achieved because a 360-degree camera can rotate in 360 degrees, creating footage from all around the camera and then stitching it together to create one high definition spherical image.

Uses Of 360 Photography

The applications of 360 photography are not limited to wedding photography. In fact, 360 photography can be used in the same way as all types of photography.


We can create 360-degree images of your family (imagine 360 photographs showcasing not only your tribe but the beautiful home you have built together), your business (think retail stores, offices spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, outdoor activities… the possibilities are endless!) and your properties.

Imagine, for example, a photograph taken in the church at a wedding. Traditional wedding photography provides you with images of one scene, for example, the back of the bride and groom standing in front of the altar. 360 photography allows you to “look around” the church at the moment when the photograph was taken.

If the camera was set up behind the bride and groom you could view the same image as the traditional photography scene.

However, you could also move the image around to view the guests sitting in the pews of the church, the windows at the side of the church that were so beautifully decorated with flowers, the page boy that has fallen asleep on the floor in front of the pews and the gorgeous chandeliers on the church roof.

Also imagine the time later in the day, when the couple has said their “I do’s,” the guests have congratulated them, and everyone is lined up outside the front church door for a family photo. Using the traditional types of photography, posed images of the family will be produced.

 With 360 photography, the photograph can show the family posing in front of the church. It can show also the other guests standing behind the photographer pulling faces to get the toddlers to smile, the beautifully clear sky (or the approaching clouds that will lead to one heck of a thunderstorm just as the first dance starts) and the caterers off to the side setting up the starters for the reception. These are candid images on another level. Are you getting a whole new set of wedding picture ideas?

 360 Photography thus produces images that take you back to the moment and allow you to relive your favourite experiences with only a table, cell phone or desktop.

Tiny Planet image of school
Tiny Planet of Lodge at Hartbeespoort Dam
Tiny Planet of Sunset at Bivane Dam
Tiny Planet of Wedding Venue

Google Street View

360 photography is especially relevant when creating images for Google Street View.


Google Street View is a technology that is featured in Google Maps that allows users to view interactive panorama photographs of streets throughout the world.


Google Maps users can thus view the outside of a business building without actually travelling to that location. Make sure that your business images are clear and make your business look attractive with 360 photographs!

Google Maps

Besides Street View, Google Maps also has a feature that allows you to view photographs of any location that you search for. This is especially useful if you want to visit a restaurant, coffee shop or venue – you can decide whether or not you want to visit a particular place based on the images of the place.


Photographs of a place can be uploaded by anyone. However, as a business owner, you can upload photographs of your own business to ensure that the images that are seen are professional and make your venue look attractive to draw more people.


As a Google trusted photographer, you can be sure that the images that we produce for you are of good quality and serve the purpose of attracting more visitors to your venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 360 photography more expensive than hiring a “normal” photographer?

There is no straight answer to this question. It depends completely on what you would like to hire a photographer for, what needs to be photographed, where the location is etc.


When comparing quotes, keep in mind that 360 photography is a relatively new concept and 360 photographs will thus have an added novelty. At Swerve Designs, we aim to produce good quality images at affordable prices.

What is Google Street View used for?

Google Street View, as the name suggests, provides Google Maps users with a full view of millions of streets across the world.


This is helpful if you need to travel to a specific location that you have never visited before, allowing you to recognize the place when you get there rather than driving up and down a street not sure where to go. Google Street View also serves as a safety precautionary feature: you can check out a neighbourhood where a specific place is found before actually travelling there to ensure that you will feel safe when you visit the location.

Why should I use a 360 photographer rather than my iPhone panorama function?

Cell phone cameras are not specifically designed for creating 360-degree images. This means that the panorama images are often distorted.


360-degree cameras and associated applications have specific software that allows corresponding images to be stitched together in such a way that you cannot see where they two images were initially separated, allowing images to be much clearer. In other words, a 360 photographer can provide you with better quality images that will make your business look more professional.

Can 360 degree images be edited?

Yes, 360 degree images can be edited relatively easily. At Swerve Designs we ensure that the 360 images you receive are of excellent quality, which may require us to edit out unwanted backgrounds or object and adjust lighting effects.


As Google Trusted Photographers we ensure that all images you receive are professional and will be ranked well by Google and other search engines.

What is a tiny planet?

360 photograph editing can be taken a step further by using a number of different special effects, such as tiny planets.


A tiny planet also referred to as a little planet, are photographs taken with a wide-angle view that can be manipulated to give the appearance of a small planet. To achieve this effect, the image is given the effect of zooming out, so that a specific object or location is viewed as a circle from the top.

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