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Excelsior News is a news agency that approached us to design a news website that is updated with weekly local news stories. The core intention of the news website is to implement an online news source to the public who are unable to receive the weekly physical publication.


To provide an online news source to people who are unable to receive the physical newspaper.


Weekly news stories are published as individual blog posts and published to the general public. All news stories are internally linked with relevant news stories and topics. Keywords are carefully planned and chosen to reap the best possible search engine rewards.


This newspaper company wants to stay relevant and competitive within their field. Therefore it’s important that their business have a footprint online. This news website not only helps them to stay competitive, but it also helps build credibility. The news website currently receives over 12 000 page views on average. The news website generates a great deal of interest within the community and provides a valuable news source to people unable to see the physical newspaper each week. The news website also provides a valuable historical archived source of old news dating back to 2015.

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Swerve Designs comes highly recommended. Very professional and diligent website design service and we couldn't be happier with the look and feel. Thank you very much.

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