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The Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre has, in its 36 years of existence, expanded into its full potential and beauty, starting with Margaret Roberts the founder and continuing with Sandy Roberts her daughter.


To re-design an old website into a modern, well-functioning online shop while still appealing to the broad client base that loves the Margaret Robers legacy and brand.


We re-designed the website for one of the most respected and well-known herbalists in South Africa. We focused our efforts on E-Commerce SEO to incorporate an online store. The main objective was also to tell more about the late founder and to preserve her legacy.


Online Sales a driven to the website and orders are managed, handled and shipped by the company once the orders go through to them. Page views have increased on a monthly basis since website launch in December 2018.

We currently maintain a good partnership with Margaret Roberts. We manage the online shop and drive sales towards the business. Through various SEO tools, we optimise the website content and boost traffic to the site. We maintain the Margaret Roberts website security and speed and also manage the Google My Business, Google Search Console and use Google Analytics to set up goals. Throughout the project, we offered our services as Advertising Agency, Design Agency, E-commerce Service, Graphic Designer, Internet Marketing Service, Market Researcher, Marketing Agency, Marketing Consultant, Web Designer, Web Hosting Company and Website Designer.


From The Client

Swerve Designs goes the extra mile! The company you want working on your website, thank you, Erwin, for making a difference!

Page views have increased on a monthly basis since website launch in December 2018.

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